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* Mark your calendars for Inventor's Day - November 9th reminds you that Inventor's Day is November 9th in honor of Hedy Lamarr b.November 9, 1913 d.January 19, 2000. Hedy Lamarr's birthday of November 9th is celebrated as Inventor's Day in honor of her frequency-hopping spread-spectrum technology innovation, the foundation of WiFi and mobile phones
* You can call me Al-Khwārizmī
Al-Khwārizmī, Persian astronomer and mathematician, is said to have written in Arabic in 825 AD, on the Hindu practice of calculating in an orderly manner by use of digits and decimals - precursors of binary numbers and binary math.  While the Latin translation of his book title to "Algoritmi de numero Indorum" appears to transmogrify the author's name Al-Khwārizmī to "Algoritmi" additional research is required to determine any relationship with Internet inventor Al Gore.
You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon
* Johnny Appleseed

* Algorithms - the only game in town

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